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fusion which existed then in the Mayo statistics and
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used in bathing, washing, cooking, and drinking is con-
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similar work has in the past. At the end of the volume
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Dykstra, Joseph, sergeant, first class, company of instruction No. 2,
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This has a practical bearing on the treatment, for the fact
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find these connexions and dependencies becoming more com-
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Modern appointments, home life, beautiful surround-
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good an effect, but this hag given me such satisfactory
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comparable to that of the hand — and it has been answered with PLASTIC SHOES.
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and benzoic acid is a finely balanced dodecatomic molecule, its true
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3. Davis, H. J. : Irrigation smear, a cytologic method for
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no abnormalities. It is of natural thickness and consists of mature fibrous
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Dumster, he is able to view the big picture of medical prac-
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(solid cedema) form in different places, especially in the
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Surgeon as for the Physician, a.nA vice versd ; and the College
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morbific germs ; whether they are of animal or vegetable beings ; the ex-
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starved out for want of an appropriation adequate to its
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Eepeat the physic about the fourth day (depending in a mea-
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hulbe), but a lesion in that organ runars paralysis of
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Just previous to an expected paroxysm, a hypodermic injection of a
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consumed the latter (PL 7, Figs. 1 to 4, 11 to 13, and PL 5, Fig. 3, Nos.
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creased personal experience with cases of boils, and the reports of
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of replacing 3 of H, hence the oxide of gold^Au^ O,.
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of ipecac helped somewhat. In less than two hours the
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just announced as his residence. This sickness was his last, and he died
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The Cincinnati Medical Observer. Edited by Drs. Mendenhall, Murphet,
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The short incubation period is established by the appearance
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ease. This view is at variance with tliat of many surgeons, I
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Acute lymphatic leukemia is differentiated by its sudden stormy
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dications acquired by research alone in trembling which had hitherto prevented his
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With colic, with cardialgia, and sometimes with intestinal obstruc-

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