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more, indeed, depends upon them, as we may see from Dr.

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ter in combination with the former, supporting the pa-

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various forms of disorder of the digestive organs. It requires the

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and anointed with oUve oil ; and if there be any tendency to conjunctival

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but the author calls attention to the fact that the fat used

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cotmtry by the labours of Professors Huxley, Rolleston, of

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should be used. The mixture should be allowed to stand at least

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and when the cordial co-operation of the patient can be relied upon.

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and age. The factor of age is closely connected with

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loss of power is most marked towards the end of the disease ; during the

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are curable, or, if not, recurrence is longest delayed.

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S. J., 1807, cxxxTij. 345. —Dupaqiiicr (E. M.) Eute-

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fierience of last epidemic— Beneficial effects of vaccination most

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tween 40 and 60 years, 12— above 60 years, 11. Born in the United States, 48-^Ireland, 21—

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senting a deficit budget for Council approval, it believed that

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pamphlet, which was scut us for review, with a prominent notice that

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has been appointed director of the Bureau of Bacteriology and

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used ALLEN'S LUNG BALSAM for a Cold, settled on the

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ample opportunity to go through the course with an occasional

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first seen both the rotatory and the metabolic movements

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to the general practitioner, and the student of medicine wilL

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Dh. E. W. Mitchell reported that on January 27 he was

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and more especially in Sweden ; to the report of the State Board

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of a man-of-war, fell with one leg down a hatchway,

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