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extremities are prominent traits of the affection ; hence the name break-

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table matter was injurious to the public health. The

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of ether a citizen of Boston has erected this monument, A.D. 1867.

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room and per family is also shown. The general deathrate of

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for diagnosis, and scarcely ever to be trusted in prognosis. To

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wholesale extension of voluntary hospitals and dis-

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the energy of the latter very materially. It should be

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character. I must admit, however, that in my notes of the clinical examina-

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sium and one-tenth grain of muriate of morphia. — Lyon

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at their outer extremity to a milled button as shown in the cut, while to

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the decree, condemns the ''detestable abuse of cremating

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of acute rheumatism, accompanied by inflammation of the endo-

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four authors Oribasius, Aetius, Alexander, and Paulus, with some

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who seeks to give instruction on these questions. That the author has failed

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formed. All suspicious areas are biopsied. If no suspicious

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pale, worn, and drowsy in appearance. Speaking and thinking evidently

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which are not diphtheritic may hide theftaselves," and is

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required to have a qualified medical practitioner sent

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gravidarum can, however, be recognized only by repjeated urinary examination,

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prolapse of the bowel that is said so commonly to take place

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eral, as in no case will the 'specific' be sold to anyone except the

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affected by the tubercle bacillus in a large number of such cases.

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Waxy degeneration of the kidney associated with Bright's disease is

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14. Poscharissky (see Note 11) states that marrow tissue is alioays present

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will be very frequently necessary. There will be very little scope for brain

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because there is no certainty of the Mississippi being open for navigation before that period.

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proper course of gymnastics, mental and physical, and the observance of t

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acwmjianying or following the hemorrhage. The 3S6 cases analyzed by

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Dr. Mathewson remarked that some of the rare cases of

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positive statements as to the location of the necrosis in the liver in the

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until about the year 1494, the time of the "Italian

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There are (very rare, I believe) cases of transient albu-

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