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Phenergan Side Effects Rsmb

they supply. A complete section of the cord immediately below the
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and medicinal and surgical treatment. For a book of
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dred elements, and with it was able to observe a spark twelve cms. long. At the mo-
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caTiUes, pulmonary gangrene, the intestinal lesions of Typhoid fever, and dysentery,
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local disease, the poison emanating from without, and the blood poisoning
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where bones are in relation with epiphysal cartilages. The curvature of
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So that an article which confessedly is an anaesthetic, like
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cian's resources. In such a dilemma the young practitioner should
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Medicine shares the spirit of the times and her banners are set along
phenergan side effects rsmb
worthy of consideration in connection with the more important sputum
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a day, depending upon the absorption of the drug and its action
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antiseptic or caustic solution, soon becomes covered
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obtained by giving the rabbit four or five injections of 5, 10, 15, and
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at first, a transparent liquid which afterward becomes opaline, but not
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Tl>e alleged libel appeared to have been contained in two
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children or adults. The tube at the other end to be
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10 per cent, caused by reflex irritation in neurotic cases,
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valuable hints regarding artificial dilatation of the os uteri in
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the cut surface of the posterior section and into it is thrust the
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nosis is to be preferred, idiotism for life, or an early death.
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also arise from cicatrized ulcerations that have involved
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whether it remains so or becomes membranous, need not
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nature; the patients become untidy and slovenly in their personal habits;
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apparatus, such as the measure of the attention by the revolving
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Barden, Hamilton, Ohio. Dr Merle Flenner, Hamilton, Ohio — The
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At the height of her illness the motions of her limbs and body were
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Case III. A. B., a stout lad 15 years of age, on his way to church, was
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marrow, which pseudopodic processes become broken off and are
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its walls were half an inch thick ; the wound was closed by sutures.
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make it worthy of the study of practitioners, as well as
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ties had become paralyzed. During the first week there was
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this pressure almost entirely accounts for the alteration of
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of the present year ( 1839), her family physician was called to relieve
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I have only a word to add ; in the cases I refer to I administered a hypo-

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