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chart is most characteristic, for the invasion takes place with a rapid

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larly concern us as food-stuffs, although they do enter

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of well-water polluted by cesspools. At present the exclu-

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It is to be remembered that bacteria of the same species

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certain change in the polarity of cells about to be

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It should be remembered that pneumonia, like other communicable

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posed to steam, or, where that is impracticable, boiled after having been

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ing, the pharynx and oesophagus, which convey the food to the

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"^ ' ^ md Adult. Baperior to Bicarb. Lime Water, Chalk, Etc., in local or

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If such a form be watched attentively, it is often seen to

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the OS tincse into the uterus, whence it passes to the

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the reality of the morbid change is said to be at once made apparent if the

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be moderate and every attention given to render patients

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gestion of wood alcohol in sufficient quantity produces blindness.

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together with the former, help to make the patient a

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provement has not been effected, sulphur should be tried instead of

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cases of hysteria, and of suspended animation ; and Sir Thomas

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subject no compensation for condemned carcasses is to be given, no milk

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Patients who have not had the drug previously react with fever, lasting

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saw him two years before. Kaclj inspiration, however,

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so that we were justified in suspecting, and, on interrogation, expressing

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0-6 cc. of the serum dilution used contained 01 cc. horse serum.

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compound of venom and lecithin (lecithid) and threw suspicion on that mode

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tinct speech, difficulty in coughing, but without paralysis of the limbs ;

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have been present. In some cases the onset is abrupt, but is soon followed

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Therapentischer Rathgeber. Beilage znr Ac^rztliclieii

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stant symptoms; hematemesis or bloody stools were noted in

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