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rapid recovery, and now vision is entirely restored. It
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and 1 cupful of sugar, stir into the boiling milk, with a
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bone forceps or with the left hand, and, while an assistant separates
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mediately to recommence the practices inducive of another — yet
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dren died about half an hour after they were born. The autopsy on
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fected milk. ]\Lild unrecognized cases of diphtheria are per-
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duct it. A copy of this order is to be served on the woman
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the muscular walls of the heart. By tlie stethoscope the pre-
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length of it to permit a safe ligation and division.
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culous process may appear to be the exciting cause of the
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member of the State Society. Very likely this is by reason of an
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given localities. When a man emigrates to other degrees of latitude
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and slight diarrhoea. In six, death took place in from twenty-
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neck, hydropathy, electricity, general tonic treat-
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May be (1) Local, where, for example, an artery is involved in
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was given ; during this period the temperature and pulse were,
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hand into the litems, and then noticed that I could feel no fetal ele-
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to the surgeon-general of the United States Marine-
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the hand a considerable feeling of resistance, they present on the affected side a
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was no increase of temperature or pulse. A carefxil ex-
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member of different clubs in my home town and I know in a general
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solutions, which may be sprinkled over the surface of the dressing.
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or on the epigastrium, as the case may require, but never on the
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when cholera prevailed, those Hospitals which did not attend to the
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heels are raised till the weight of the body rests on the balls of the feet. See
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November loth. — There are only two small granulating
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of these conditions, and we know that they are being greatly reduced,
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ically called attention toby E. Schwartz in 1881, but there were isolated
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after application of jacket. One month later patient was able to
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tient; to give them rather less than lukewarm or cold, according
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have travelled round the world. The Asiatic cholera affords an exam-
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friction, but a blowing murmur, as formerly noticed, at the base of heart ; respira-
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tremity of the male carrying the spicules, which ends lie loose in a sort of cyst-like
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command. The triad of findings in making up our decision are :
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toms, and produce death by accumulating in immense numbers.

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