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less, but which under the abnormal traumatic conditions

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sought, and not to go out seeking patients. That is his thought habit,

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and whose only outing, a dance or picnic, is equally as hard

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glion, and an excretory system. There is a segmentation cavity (forming a

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of these sores and gave a history of being married five

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The bladder and bowel, as a rule, are not involved. There may be mental

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types. Antolisei, Golgi, Eomanowski, Mannaberg, Ziemann, and oth-

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scess was formed partly by the remains of the tube and

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fever ; or its progre.fs is How, like a chronic difeafe, and its at-

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it- value or its worthlessness shall be determined.

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much (Bdema of the scalp, the pupils were dilated, the left side of his

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It is a difficult question to decide upon the best method of classifying

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cases and with proper precautions. As yet he had only resorted to it in cases

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for many years in that locality. The little girl during the

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the abdomen was opened four days after the injection of pancreatin,

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medicine for services rendered Blue Shield patients ;

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nation on the day following the vesication with cantharides

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tracheotomized cases. Before the introduction of the serum treat-

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ceive, how intelligence can arise from any motion or union of in-

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John Vance, R. F. W. E. Goldicke, Thomas K. Salter,

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Keeper in the Department of Manuscripts, and Egerton Librarian,

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bring it to the boil a second time, being careful not to stir

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the last attack, are still not unlikely to have a relapse ; and, again, that

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the body. These forty-five are absolutely unknown, and

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causing nausea, loss of appetite, and consequently leading to deprecia-

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ness, and a small, weak, and dying-out pulse. The last stage is

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tinguish the different myelites which are called sys-

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seems to exert an almost specific power over erysipelas occurring

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in urgent haste. The surface of the body is cool ; the pulse is small and

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nessee, where her family all live now. Her father died of enlargement of

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