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Should the United States not be represented at this congress ? shall we

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enema. Care is taken that the bladder is emptied. A

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locomotor ataxia. The next attack came on in about two years, with

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seen them in as great number in other diseases—, in splenic apoplexy.

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shall be unlawf^l for any person to practice medicine or surgery in this

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mice definitely reduces the number of takes of cancer grafts, it would

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may remain normal for some time, but sooner or later becomes contracted.

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had altogether about eight fits up to three o'clock a.m.,

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introducing it in the area of greatest dulness. Any signs of displace-

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lu-ariMj^- ill the alVcctcd side. More coiimionlv the disease proves pei-sistent

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' From the Clinic.1l Laboratory, College of Physicians and Surgeons,

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Eighteen cases of Hernia Cerebri are mentioned occurring in gun-

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beauty of its walks and drives. The climate is genial and bracing.

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does not occur if the water is heated above 80° C. The hypertrophy

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was then a new disease, and now nearly a century later we

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facilitates the task of these accessory muscles (orthopnea), and the im-

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bladder and kidneys. In this respect especially idiopathic myelitis far

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hyperflex the hip in order to clear the ground with the toe

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man, 19 years old, as the result of a slight injury developed

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collodion, plaster, paste or liquid gutta-percha. It may produce dis-

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three to five minims of liquor arsenicalis may be given three times a day

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him in 1864, and was published in a memoir on inter-

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was dwelt upon, and the fact pointed out that lesions of

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lecture on chemistry. He made no other meal until his return nest

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experience, obtains in a larger ratio of cases than is estimated by "Walshe, viz.,

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more than 1,200 investigational compounds in clinical

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considerable distance above the bifurcation, consi^ of but one piece.

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The black bronchial glands are lymphatic glands, situated at the

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among them, maintain the specific distinctness of the two varieties of

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to be read conveniently, or so strong that they agglutinate rapidly.

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been previously ill ; and there was no assignable cause for the

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slight tendency to dicrotism is equally characteristic of the asthenic or unfavorable

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