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after recovery from the inoculated syphilis for periods of as long

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is all the more likely, as dog^sfat is a popular remedy for consumption,

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It may be allowed to rest as raw material for a time, but it is

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comparative nutritive value — a chapter this, by the way, in

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I made many efforts to avoid this physical depreciation or

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Dr. Dedrickson has successfully treated several cases of sun-

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symptoms, such as coma, convulsions, restlessness, sleeplessness, and con-

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Rosenstein makes its duration two weeks to four months. He saw

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He has suffered from mitral regurgitation for thirty-

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When I concluded, some local bakers, virtue impelled, rose to say a

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Duhring, who conducts the dispensary for skin diseases, found that, before

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brain, the spinal fluid Wassermann test should be positive,

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and due to an acute otitis media). Death appeared to be due to embolism.

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as I have observed, proved uniformly fatal; this is scratching

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ginia, Richmond, Va. ' he operated upon, to know the architectural

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first was pure, the second in solution, one drachm to one pound

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order to prevent the occurrence of stools during at least

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upon the nature of the attack is possible. In scarlet fever an accurate

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a carcinoma of the prostate which had metastacized into

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naturally looked to the hospitals. The concentration

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of whiskey daily for at least three months. None had

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nose, throat, and lungs were affected either together,

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distance from libraries, and others otherwise handi-

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danger introduced by the operative method, while non-

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provement is due to (1) a milder type of scarlet fever in re-

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Inquiries into patient's past history show that six or seven years ago lie had

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cases was a very serious question. They should be closely

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a whisper. Dr. Halford directed the porters of the Hospital to

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