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20. Vse of Perchloride of Iron in Diphtheria. — It is now generally admitted,

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oniales. Statistique de la mortalite. Paris, 1897. Therapeutique du palu-

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but this is rather an excess of acid phosphates than alkaline.

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1895-6, iv, 248-255.— C ho wn (H. H.) Enterectomy for

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button-holing, and cutting through the anterior pillars, base of the tonsil,

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As soon as the focus is located, while it remains extra articular, and before joint

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ment can be the best for all conditions of the body

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every case, unless there are serious complications, and that

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two by an isthmus. The primary form of these crystals,

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In conjunction with the meetings, twelve separate workshops will be

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margin from beneath the nail, which was at the same time covered with

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for twenty-four hours, but not too long; maybe forty-

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Perhaps, further, of some interest are the following three cases of unilateral

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such as Dr. Billings had suggested, for the treatment

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The inflation of a collapsed lung when removed from

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Obstetrics." Did space permit, I might cite other interesting

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advice from the beginning, and we gave it as our opinion that the woman

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joints of fingers and "has gone from his toes to his shoulders." The

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simple cold applications and washes, to electricity. For sixteen

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The case of Mr. Smiles, who is, we believe, a highly

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of intestine to each other, to the solid viscera, and of the opposing parietal and

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In six or seven generations the offspring lost all traces of the

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attacked. The bloodvessels are thickened and dilated. Marie thinks that

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Contraindications: Renal diseases, and patient's sensitive to the drug. In

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personal charge, either in a nursing home or hospital, and which

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hyaline substance, which are obviously derived from the cells of the pars

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was the rate of the pulse above 80, and the highest temperature recorded was

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it up as inconvenient. It would seem that blood and irrigation fluid

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or smear preparation, appropriately stained, will show

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