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weeks old, weighs six pounds, and bids fair to grow as well as any other

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titioner to introduce both blades of his instrument perfectly

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Stoch Lectures. These stock lectures consist of a set of slides prop-

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is made red, when two of the cataplasms are connected by the wire, and ap-

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disturb the house. He became conscious about 2 a.m., when the bowels

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Browne came to England on short sick leave soon after, ar^

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the strongest convex glass with which it is at its best is the

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The patient will certainly die." At Dr. W.'s suggestion

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the fluids — we must still become well accustomed to the thought that

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nudei situated in the medulla oblongata, associated with more or less

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Center, Salt Lake City. Contact: Mike Johnson, (801)581-3293.

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who received no benefit whatever from those nostrums, are never heard

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of that of an ordinary hemiplegia, the distal parts recovering before the

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require. Dr. Pym's is no feeble attempt to counteract the

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mesial one, and no muscles are cut. The transverse in-

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Bess," some three hundred years ago, it was a favorite amusement with

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interstitial nephritis, largely because of the absence of oedema and the fact

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the child, weakened more and more by the vomiting and diarrhoea, and by his

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pyelitis or a pyelonephritis; as this, no doubt, helps to cause simple

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tered by the ignorance in this matter and brutality

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sor of Physical Diagonsis in the in form and function and an increasing

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field of operation, hands, instruments, and dressing

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to left. These symptoms lessened and in three days the convul-

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A greater or less degree of it is of common occurrence. The amount of

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by means of an ordinary Esmarch's bandage. He prom-

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Generally accompanying the endocardial and arterial mur-

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pour 2 quarts of water on 2 ounces of tops, steep for half an

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In many of the cases, before the characteristic alteration of the skin

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light of recent experiments upon section of the sympathetic, and injuries of certain parts of

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carrier, when the carrier is withdrawn, bringing the ligament

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