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of the stable, and the administration of food which can be easily

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Examination of the chest showed weak breath-sounds on both

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this office the mail of members and guests will be dis-

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surprising, as I have said, how often these crippled con-

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were incised on a director, and at the bottom of the wound

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the organ or at times upon the borders, of j)early whiteness, resembling

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acutes Oedem in Folge Bluterguss zwiscben Aderbautnud

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satisfaction of any practitioner of medicine whose field

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is supplied by artesian wells. Bene.ith the beach sand is a

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day, 1 P. M., injected subcutaneously 60 c.c. of water of dialyzer into same dog.

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The most difficult questions regarding ethical issues

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is to give a very condensed summary of the views of two writers*

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13. Matutes E, Dalgleish AG, Weiss RA, et al: Studies in healthy human T-cell-

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4 Dr. Turner's Case of Congenital Malformation of the Heart.

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It appears from the history of these cases that cirrhosis of

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with it. A serous or seropurulent discharge exudes from the latter. The

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the abscess is cau.sed by puerperal infection. The preceding

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communicated to the spinal nervous centre, is reflected on the

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Zoology. — Professor Thomas H. Iluxlev, Ph.D., F.R.S. , and

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That epizootic diseases originate independently of contagion

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the necessities of the case and to trust to your own superior judgment

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the other there was a trace ; in one of these the origin was clearly traced to a

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g. Material and Service. The first three paragraphs of the

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indications, while the results of vaginal examination usually give a

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by the increased fragility of the red cells, and in the striking

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and muscles which had allowed it to occur back to their proper

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at Philadelphia similar effects are produced in several ways, such as the

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wonderful Golden Salt," he announced to the world that :

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repeated, from time to time, so long as these conditions may re-

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ments and congestions are produced," (p. 62,) and speaks definitely of

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ness, and a small, weak, and dying-out pulse. The last stage is

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with a decrease of labor, and an increase of food or

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