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or uncut fibers of the muscle, the blunt hook should be reinserted, and
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tina than in the other eruptive fevers. Its duration, however, varies in
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When a person is mortally bitten by the cobra-di-capella,
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in the finest branches of the peripheral nerves, and the nearer the spinal cord the
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chart ; but sometimes by the unusual symptoms which are pre-
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Cleveland, O., Medical Society ; Medical Society of the
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rounding fat were green immediately after death. The arteries and
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Gextleken, — I feel rather embarrassed to give you a definition
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I have used the salts of manganese, in anaemia, but do not think them
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obtained from wells in the vicinity of the camp. Beyond and above the en-
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child the benefit of the doubt in all cases where the
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loose as legislation is apt to be, many a bold quack would
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of supporting the changes essential to existence, its contamina-
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ent salts; that is, the membrane is passive in regard to the nature of the salts
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left, is more apt to be diseased than the superior, on account of its position.
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" that it is no longer matter of doubt that, the eai'lier
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iiowever, depends upon its early detection, and prompt
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difficult of solution, though, for given reasons, apparently
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monly found in instances of moderate degree of astigmatism with axes
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hemorrhagic diathesis. Cutaneous hoils and abscesses due to secondary infec
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For the first two or three days it was hoped that the limb might be saved, for
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iUabboux (C.) Resection aous-periostee totale du coude.
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they are washed in green soap, rinsed in warm water and carried through the
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The Prencli pathologists, you may be sure, searched anxiously in the
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likewise move £Eu*ther downward, and be found in the sixth or even the
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ment described in acute glanders, and, as in that affection, there may be
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a day, depending upon the absorption of the drug and its action
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diffiosus, and the Staphylococcus pyogenes aureus were found
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more rapid, and relieves the itching more quickly ; two drops of
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with gout, and there has been a strong pronouncement of opinion
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ing from one lesion, is of rather rare occurrence, inas-
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3-20, Aiso, Reprint. AZso ; Wien. med. Bl., 1888,
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Deaths reported 2,159: under five years of a^e 787 ; principal
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myelitis, with disseminated lesions (white and grey matter), or with localized
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1893, and his children only were left to him. To recuperate, he
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cases of acute and three of chronic gonorrhoea, all of which have
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