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for 1902 ; fifty-first year of its publication. Philadelphia,

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opportunity of investigating this subject, has induced me to col-

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part of the body, is not of itself a proof that a recognisable local lesion exists

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operations, he still believed that complete bony union of the

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forcep cases, one a breech, one a footling case, and in one

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The preparation employed was the concentrated tincture

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locations. The Nissl-staining characteristics of the cells and their

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tiring in the very coldest weather. It also affords warmth enough to an adjoining

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Wisconsin based - physician owned - committed to serving you.

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ReinscKs Process alone may be employed for detecting arsenic, deposited

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I feel justified in drawing the following conclusions : —

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cranium of removing gall-stones by all sorts and kinds of

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generally was anasarcous. From the 10th to the 15th, the dyspncea greatly

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Disease, as Brown and Eush have said of life, "is a forced state;"

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together with marked epigastric tenderness, would justify a provisional

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has just been sent me by Dr. Fowler. A former letter stated the di-

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1888, 2. s., XX, 493-497.— Roberts (J. B.) Injuries and

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stantly rising from it in vapour, and diffusing itself in the surrounding atmo-

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introduced through the anus. I then enlarged the opening, and saw a large cavity filled

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mens. In the first, the litbic calculi constitute one third of

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demands more frequent examinations these shall be made in such

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the How of blood into the air-tubes. Tracheotomy was subsequently per-

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society, is now treated with drugs on an outpatient

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from smooth-edged forceps, and he thought the best way to remove such a

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could afford, to alleviate their pains and sufferings, he endeared himself

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ing these presentations. Yet there are scores of cases in which the

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ReinscKs Process alone may be employed for detecting arsenic, deposited

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Left kidney. The glomeruli are larger than normal ; the tubules are appar-

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and bloodless. Swelling of the solitary glands a^d glands of JPeyet

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cachexia strumi priva, as well as the results which

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In the progressive decrease of mortality in Mr. Spencer Wells's

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sharp or filed after it is plated, there will be a free edge

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and you should ask her to raise up off her hips, resting her weight

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