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11. Haaga JR, Alfidi RJ: Computed tomography of the whole body. St. Louis, CV
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not materially endanger life nor affect unfavorably the
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Ovarian cysts, sappnratfng, on the snrgtoal treatment of. By T. Holmes 217
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substances were combined. The catechu, however, is now often
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small numbers. The lesions may be limited to the skin or may involve
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struments of Rigby, Graham Weir, Osiander, Busch, Ki-ause and
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Cardiac Depressants and Hypnotics. — INIeasures which lower the blood
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formed, and does not greatly increase the danger of
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whether it remains so or becomes membranous, need not
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tended and what was empty, and it was not until the in-
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his own experience and observation. But the case is
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which excites tissue reaction and which cures lupus.
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only to the examining physician but also to both the nurse and
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well, and nothing that he does can induce the slightest pain.
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admission to the hospital will often be able to help themselves, or even to
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The bilateral character of the light reflex was attributed not only to the
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mercial stations at “off hours,” such as early morn-
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microscope. At the time it was thought by Dr. Weeks to be
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the external auditory canal was negative. An incision was
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been successful or would be best abandoned. The author
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sister'.s room and the ward kitchen. At the farther end of
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greater part of their extent, have usually the aspect of perfieot health. The
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1891, i, 79-112, 1 pi— Mibelli (V.) Sul fungo del favo.
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]882 Colliee, Heebeet, M.D., Marine Villa, Gorleston,
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to prevent polyneuritis in the pigeons for from 39 to 95 days. (See
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noticeable enlargement of the thyroid gland, it will
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to use ten to twenty grammes (two and one half to five drachms)
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remnant of his myelitis, but they are more probably de-

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