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You will not wonder that the Cambridge University Press reprinted
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disturbances of the quality of the milk. In his report to the Academie des Sciences
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construction of the law of 1835) was given in express terms.
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med., Ediub., 1889-90, 1. 52-57. — DarUshcvich (L. O.)
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ment, aud always with the same results as above (ex-
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quired can be reduced by bringing the lens closer to the
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amount of energy which has been liberated in their consumption in the
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child becomes weak and irritable. The exciting or immediate
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tractures (primary or descending lesions of the lateral cords), muscular
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ders it, in a high degree, responsive to irritation.
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get well much quicker than did Dr. Godshaw. I shall not feel as much
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and we strongly commended the book, not as being the proper one to be
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mournfally on a wounded sailor who has fallen into the arms
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alarming is that which occurs in the manner referred
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such as europhen (i to 3 per cent.), iodoform (i to 3 per cent.),
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much of the confusion of the public mind is owing to differ-
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foramen of Magendie and from the subarachnoid space
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and the scratching of the dog. The paper is illustrated by a plate showing
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surface by means of the warm or hot bath, the vapor bath ; or by
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endothelial layer they give rise to a mixed tissue, which in every way
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listed in Table 1 , comprise the dataset used for the analyses
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either be critical, (terminating in oonvaJesoenoey) or fatal (when the vital
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Clayton Parkhill, Denver, Col. ; discussion opened by Leonard
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had been ligated. Personally, he believed transfusing
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whose behalf" a consulfation is to be held, that when
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Second, as the result of varied investigations in different p.irts
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care given not only in the safety field, but by the attention given
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ounce, and Pulverized Anise Seed half an ounce. Mix well.
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and possibly then to be connected with that general laxity of the ab-
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signs of acute pericarditis, swollen and painful articula-
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Symptoms. The most important point of distinction between these

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