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ecchymoses. Upon filtering off the thermal frequencies and

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height of fever. But during the cold stage it is small and hard, and in

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reports that after pepsin and all similar compounds

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give steroid replacement therapy as the Cushing’s syndrome

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are relatively large, now and then measuring 1.5 mm. in their longest diameter.

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is much oftener met with in English bowels than the teenia armata;

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olic, they thought they would play upon her through her religion, and

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cerned, a very special mechanism for elimination of the chlorides, which

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of the bitterness so characteristic of religious controversy. In 1854 ap-

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the pulmonary compression is very marked. (See Fig. 147 and the fol-

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out this entire series of investigations on fasting animals and due care

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lowed on this account, in the comparison of any tables of mortality of

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Cayities may com])letely cicatrize. In these modes complete recovery

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feeders. Among the vegetarians — monkeys, antelopes,

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which secondary growths will spring up. I do not believe

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followed by a hypo, of eserine salicylate, gr. 1-60,

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siderable quantities of simple drinks, such as barley water, linseed tea, buchu,

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Back Numbers Wanted.— If any of our subscribers or ad-

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drugs are useful in the early part of the treatment by stilling hunger as well

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sen its vaso-constrictor influence over the arteries named,

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nach Verweileu von Kupt'er.splitteru im Innereu desael-

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8. Cavalie. Jour, de I'Anatomie, Paris, 1S9S, xxxiv, 199.

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demand for more alcoholic stimulus and the abject fear to cease.

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century comparatively little progress, you to reform the existing methods and to amel-

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In the distal portion the cutaneous structures are slightly thickened ; the

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been out of place in the two first chapters. In the

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ing. The interior mass was afterwards left projecting into

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found that when the desiccated substance of sheep's

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the ashes of the celebrated and unfortunate Priestley.

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of so-called calcareous metastasis in the lungs, the stomach and the

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Such prolongations of chronic origin, and only removable by surgical opera-

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