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zealous services as Honorary Secretary from the com-

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of La Crosse, under the provisions of chapter 315, of the

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to protect the health of individuals and of communities.

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to a large house and grounds in Vpper Kennington-lane, where he took

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accomplished b}^ stretching a rope at the height of about 5

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of course, accelerated the coagulation, notwithstanding the

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tended with fluid. She was sent to the Universit}' Hospital, where the

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to the skin. It is usually given in doses of half a drachm or a drachm, either in pi]

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ence which may possibly exist between the two veratrums

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" 4. This destruction of tissue is increased by the accelerated action of the

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swells, and the fibres become indistinct and separated by a slight exudation. Thus

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fixed hospitals in the rear. They have their own independent

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bistoury or probe into the brain- substance to reach the

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the medical society members, we must also identify more closely with government,

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on Medical Chemistry and Toxicology, by Dr. Wormley of

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tinued high temperature the change in the parenchymatous

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1892. 78. DUCHATEAU. These de Paris, 1893. 79. HOHCHOLLE. These de Paris,

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of the mild attacks, the formation of haemorrhagic infiltrations

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compared with patients undergoing only partial resection. 15

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whole length, and this cannot be sufficient to keep it clean, particular-

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can be readily demonstrated. The blood-corpuscles appear to have in great

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from eye strain. 'L'r. Iowa M. Soc, Cedar Rapids, 1890,

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donnant. It is different in the invertehrata, in many

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recorded, but might conceivably be met with in lesions of either anterior

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Blood analyses did not confirm the findings of King and Eppinger

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the editorial charge of George M. Gould, A. M., M. D. In two

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ary 11, 1858. By Frederick C. Skey, Esq., our distance from medieval or primitive sur-

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accept 2i per cent, in preference to assuming the building. If I am on that committee I go

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of retention since the operation. Mr. Teevan remarked that the case impera-

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interferes with the future usefulness of the arm, is un-

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