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It will be difficult to estimate the true value of antitoxin

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other patients, a boy aged 14 years and a girl aged 15 years.

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fresh from the teachings of Dr. Donald MacLean, professor of surgery at the

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the bladder, or by paralysis or loss of nervous control. This condi-

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conditions. Most of the hospitals state distinctly that so-called

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local application of the plaster of iodide of lead, keep-

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10. Marshall, E. K., and Rowntree, L. G. : Studies in Liver and Renal Func-

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either into reaction or into fatal collapse, occasioned by the nature,

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nize this new condition — ^lateral distension — ^prevented him

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presence of general cerebral symptoms and any degree of optic neuritis

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removing the observer's fingers from the closed anterior

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examined and its theoretical interpretation. Most authors have

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will be helpful in our struggle for better obstetrics.

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Bulletin of the Hygienic Laboratory of the Public Health and

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noticed that his appearance was that of an overworked

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the purpose of identity. ^^^^^^ on the skin, we must be

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ocular muscles. Boston M. & S. J.. 1895, cxxxii, 481-484.

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vastly more important to preserve the action of the muscles than to

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kept constantly stirred by her side ; and although the

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chronic suppurative otitis media. It was reasonable to believe

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the important subject of extra-uterine foetation. This forms one

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* Rapport sur les Maladies qui ont Regne en France en 1855. Memoires de

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senses, are diligently looked for by the modern anatomist, physi-

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it is the conmion rat flea of India where there is so much plague.

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strength, and while liquids properly taken help to maintain this

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certain hour of each day, often walked together ; and Mr. Sar-

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