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pleuritis, hepatic abscess, etc. In acute diffuse pericarditis the fibrin is de-

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are put before the reader. There is not one point that I can

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shall have power to expend such,sums as it may see fit from time to time,

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after the lapse of from twelve to twenty-four hours he always

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this discovery by finding in the published reports of cases of poisoning by

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By YANDELL HENDERSON, PH.D., Professor of Physiology,

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sion of pus, or serum, or in gangrene. The humoralisra of the present

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extirpation. t Murchison has given three cases where multiple fatty

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then it has ceased altogether. Or it has been permanent and

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did not conduct the autopsy, and was only present part

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affection is limited to the right arm, and never, as

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complete treatise on the subiect in the English language.

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the arch of the aorta, near the oesophagus ; then near the seventh

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have been applying the statement in practice. This treatment has

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limits dengue to the sea-coast. There are undoubtedly yet other

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gut were that angle at which the bullet strikes, and the

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modern predictions, the lamb was not in the stomach of the

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autumnal plasmodium, the administration of the drug cannot be delayed

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testing the preparation and knowledge of the particular pu-

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Case III. A. B., a stout lad 15 years of age, on his way to church, was

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occasion, when I come to speak expressly of these diseases and

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105° C; three hundred and thirty mirmtes at 100° C. These results

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Definition. — A specific contagious disorder, characterised by the appear-

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Of organic affections of the nervous system, characterised by in-

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the reactions were and 0.25° ; giving 3 per cent, in similar amounts,

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exaggerations of physiological processes, and are only unnatural

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those lesions; witness the frequency of relapses at their age, and the

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locality, and should be repeated once in twelve, and in some cases once in eight

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utmost variety of symptoms or even no symptoms at all, and which includes

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