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transverse colon. Case xxxv of Dr. Eve's collection is that

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the relief and comfort experienced by covering the exposed

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Alcohol, by its anesthetic action, soothed the irritable nerve centers.

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what might have been expected, comparing it with the

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determine the disorder, we should not expect that periodic manipulations,

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left cheek was covered with patches of herpes, the vesicles

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are more who call it a diffuse cerebro-spinal neurosis, or

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No characteristic symptoms attend upon its invasion. There may be slight

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are conscious of the great superiority of his system over

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recurrence after yielding to my urgent advice to move into

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comparability of the different techniques in determining eth-

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considering the past history of a patient, e. g., marks of vaccination, of

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numerous varicose veins, and showing a dirty grey surfece covered

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brevity of duration. To this may be added spontaneity of onset, provided

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tuliE in women, including a special consideration of tbe

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of the calf could not be made to beat again, and the mem-

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or are all organic bodies the mere descendants of originally created

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toms seem to be due to a common cause. Senator says

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until both sides are equally black, when the axis is read off.

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within the pericardium, may lead to the development of

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cause the vital energy is below par and has lost con-

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Case II. — The second case, which I saw at the Presbyterian

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indurations, with the skin over them discoloured as in a bruise, and

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beck had detected it and recognised its fungoid nature so early as 1845.

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to all around me, and remain, and hope ever to remain.

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Ijassage through the chorion, notably at its lower part.

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When a person has been overcome by gases, whether illuminating,

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