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the character of the eruption, they are never present alone, but always
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studies and thereby more benefit for your patient. And, at the same
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The subscribers take the present opportunity to an-
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versalis, the bowel protruded and was transfixed with two
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sigmoid flexure had adhered to tho uterus ; and about tho age
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septi. They often contain thrombi; they may become partially obliterated
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We see sudden collapse, katatonoid apathy, complete dis-
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base of the oral cavity there is one tooth directed forward. The
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gery it is worth the price of four dollars at which it
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a symposium on this subject in the medical section of the American Medical
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with enconraging the voice to act. I should not like to deny Dr.
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cise is to be encouraged, very active exertions being, of course, inter-
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their structure does not ditter from that of papillomatous grow ths
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Menstrual Flux. — M. Guepin relates the curious case of a young lady, aged 18,
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several days. Then dress with sterile gauze spread with boric ar^i
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lateral homonymous hemianopsias and disorders of cutaneous
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together with the Kjeldahl titration for 2 c.c. of serum.
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lachrymal secretion do not carry oft the solution as
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-of the Tinctures of Digitalis, Squill, and Iodine.
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G. 'I'liomas Black, aged 50, was affected with swellings of the neck
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2. The clypeal hairs may show slight branching, varying in degree
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TABLE 23.— Protocol of Glucose Tolerance Test in Case 22
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arrest attention at once, and it has given rise to the familiar nam©
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that, with descent, the sagittal suture swings more and more trans-
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Earope, as an epidemic. It is of a most serious, and often, malignant
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Course and Duration. — Sometimes the disease ends in recovery in a
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monia with chloric ether, and decoction with compound
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thing was society's fault. Ambivalence about prisoners is often
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the average duration of a normal inspiration.— [P. Tissier,
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excepting that on one occasion a systolic murmur was heard over
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insane. For the salaries now paid, persons competent for
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604-606.— Kerr (J.) Impacted extra-capsular fracture of

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