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Dinner: Portion of chicken pie with potato and vegetables,
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both ; so that in the beginning and to the height of the epidemic the cases
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admission to the hospital will often be able to help themselves, or even to
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1S73, the Council will endeavour to obtain a legislative enact-
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examination to be of the specific gravity, 1020. The patient,
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in a few months. In some cases the lesions are not so profound, and the
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undeveloped. The case of this latter function is therefore different from
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vith eosin, followed by alkaline methylene blue, they show
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corresponding minimal and maximal values were T. 554 and 669;
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Observations are reported on the gaseous metabolism and pulmo-
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involve the mucous membrane of both tubes and uterus.
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When the arm wavers be ready, and as soon as it drops perform
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abrogated if sampling were not available to determine Medicare overpayments.
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figs. 297, 298). The recurved forms are often seen in the
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"VVidal col aangue easiecato. Kitorma med., Napoli, 1898,
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is flaccid, and the muscles waste. The reactions of degeneration may be
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removed, and, as a consequence, the spinal centres, let
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heit) in the axilla. In making a diagiiofis of Graves's
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is to be heard : (a) over portions of the lung containing scattered small
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Danielssen, Lipp, Finger, and Bronson as examples of the coincidence of
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are conscious of the great superiority of his system over
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parts only, or the whole organ, affected by the change. The deposits
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a solution of the same salt, of only two parts to a hundred, and in a few
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eqvialled by the graphic description of the displacements
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verrion there into brown or black pigment-granules, and the diffusion of
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off the cobwebs, and went at the problem from the standpoint
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eight years, was the only son of Matthew Baillie, M.D.,
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the cerebral circulation. Of over 70 cases of valvular lesions which I
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native, and employed as an agreeable addition to medi-
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should be sent to the chairman of the CME Committee, New
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much more thoroughly and completely into all the macro-

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