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as important a part in conveying wave-impressions as the mem-
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Publication Committee, be published in the Ti*ansactions of the Society.
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was distended with acid, foul-smelling urine, containing
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Colchici 5i.j '■> Spirit. jEther. Nit. §iij ; Aquw 5 VSS - M. Sumat semiunciam
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thus overcomes the resistance of the sanguineous capillaries;
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and nervous for some days. He could give no explana-
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experiments, that a quantity of absolute heat is com-
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been opened in many of the schools, and the best possible
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duced by the distension from an over-accumulation of blood, and, also,
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away to charity cases. The dispensary was open each day, including'
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Walsh, Joseph William P. & S., Bait., '07 Danbury.
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fully appreciated, and is acted upon to the full extent of their means.
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comed. An evidence of the consistency of the stick-
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muscular tension. Heat relieves this condition, eases the pain
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enough so to interfere with common intercourse, until in April of 1838 she
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toxemic impression of the morbid cause of the dise/ise. Depres-
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rule to tuberculous lesions of the genitalia, although in several instances
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tmge, becoming feeble, raised in ' pitch, husk}', and, not infrequently,
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diseases which, though existing, were unknown to practitioners
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water ; when thus softened, it may be moulded to the shape of
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quite the minimum period required, before the flagellate will emerge from its
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Medicine, and received Certificates to practise, on Thursday,
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aged 34. The gangrenous process set in about a month after the contraction
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ing coughing or during increased abdominal pressure is an especially
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decided from the history and the physical characteristics of the
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Dr. Germont and Dr. Loir, who were sent to Australia on ))ehalf of M.
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and more especially in Sweden ; to the report of the State Board
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" with results which have astonished himself and his
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ordinary diseases of childhood. She suffered from in-
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a preliminary report. His further results should be of great
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brought about in this way ; but acute disease, with
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tire right lung respiratory sounds are absent, whilst
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dren, sedentary men and invalids, and persons in poor health generally,
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demic of cholera can not be started by a single case is
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Gouley's tunneled tip on to the filiform into the bladder, and then

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