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The objects of treatment in cases of purpura hasmorrhagica are, the restora-

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a dose of 1 million; November 12th, 2 millions. Not seen

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except that he added more caramel to give it a deeper

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doubtless, the same effect as an obstructing stone in the ure-

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diameter, have a double contour, of which the outer represents the cell

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tem of the abdomen, supplied by the splanchnic nerves, may dilate,

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that the occlusion of such large veins could be dependent on the coagula-

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impossible in reading or in listening to lectures. Practical instruction

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cessfully used Trousseau's double-bladed dilator. He

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ary symptoms, and are equally benefited, under many circum-

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catgut in the conjoined tendon and Poupart's ligament, and thus firmly

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the decussation of its fibers, excitation of the cortical mo-

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and obtained a current apparently more energetic than

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perience of mankind has amply confirmed the truth of the maxim.

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tumor as large as a foetal head was found between the

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tremities, begging for water with an unearthly voice, echoing as it were

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ZQf'A. — Since July 2iid, the patient has heeii progressing favour-

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cians are feeding our patients upon tins same infected

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monitory symptoms of headache, dizziness, numb and ting-

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occurred after a period of three days of great mental

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t See p. 42, Part II. \ See Practical Treatise on Midwifery, p. 10.

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two symptoms are not present simxiltaneously, unless indeed there actually

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the tumors, and concluded from this that nutritive changes occurred

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XV. Intoxications. — Arsenic. — This drug is eliminated through the

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The duration of the disease is about two years. However,

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pupil of the famous John Hunter, one of the surgeons, at that time,

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Treatment. — ^There is no disease in which careful nursing is so

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sometimes are more or less affected, but I do not think a complete

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Rheumatic ophthalmia is a very common affection amongst the

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and repeated in ten-grain doses two or three times a day if necessary,

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healed without trouble, but the deficiency on the vault was too large to

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