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published his studies on the subject, the disease was regarded
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Thos. L. Latimer, Jas. H. Lloyd, Frederick Peterson, Chas. W. Burr, Chas. K.
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erf nut or, {m/un-fanee tin U ca <nu One Cm.arractesr fl ont Jffrt .
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muscles, it will invariably follow 5,000 foot-j>ounds of work done in
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ness, dry cough, dyspnoea, and palpitation. The pulse is at
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No symptoms developed. The rabbit was killed on June 22. There was no
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gradually gaining the middle line behind the oesophagus as normally,
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typhoid fever under the charge of Dr. J. F. Meigs. Penn.
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together with other contrivances to divest remedies of a nauseousness
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remnant of his myelitis, but they are more probably de-
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on the skin, perhaps counter-irritation by turpentine stupes,
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must be made for the different manner of taking the statistics in th^
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In the skin lesions of smallpox, and particularly in the earlier stages,
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early part of the last century : "God only new epoch in our country ir. the care of the
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be nursed at regular intervals, and I am satisfied enough antitoxin was
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Our knowledge of the etiology of placenta praevia is confessedly
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■' '''■• ■" ■' "'I'- '■ '"■■"-II- I'Ht It ,1,, ,,n|M,,..,.inr,u i, .l,.,u„ ,„ ,!,.„, ,;,
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ligament is divided, together with the annular ligament of the radius.
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institution, as has gladdened this most worthy one, in the past
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being attributed to the French wine and soft bread enjoyed
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defect and two years previous fell from a second-story window. He
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rhage and a similar history, generally means that the foreign body has
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in the urine by the average Bengali was about 6 grammes per
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mission be a high school diploma, a Manitowoc county teacher's cer-
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if combination therapy with other psychotropics seems indicated, carefully con-
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The Disinfection of Cholera-dejecta by means of Milk of
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There was one critic who seemed rather tired, and him I
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classes of physicians. Every body recommends exercise as a
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The base of the cranium, within, exhibits three regions, anterior,
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It should not be forgotten that an exqeptionally vir-
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cede the osseous changes, continue during the development of the
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the respiratory muscles, hastened by the obstruction occa-
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in the lungs, tliey are first found in the small bron-

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