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a chemical substance, its mode of action and effects have been ascertained
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Oonsideration of jiunshot trauiiuitisins of tlie .sliaft of long- bones, as
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He then points out the analogy between fibrine and silica, and
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pocket-sized book containing memoranda and data important
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strua complete, the quantity of extract obtained will
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January 19, 1909: Still has discharge from left ear. The following is a
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He was rather a coadjutor than a consultant. (6) Spe-
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An independently owned Journal of Medicine and Surgery, pub-
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the specialties is wholly inadequate. In only a few hospitals is the out-
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sight of it is likely tb produce nausea. Do not hesitate to
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likewise adherent. This was carefully dissected away, and, on turning out
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various conditions which may result in such a state of
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others who became sick, even sleeping in the same bed with them up to
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habit on the general health ; but as it happened, not one of them was
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of the lens to be removed thus lost, but a patient having one good eye
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or dries up, leaving an irregular, scaly crust upon a somewhat reddened
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Dr. Theodore Kirchhoff, Physician to the Schleswig Insane
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almost without exception absent in tabes dorsalis, while as a general rule
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ment we have seen, amongst others, in a small city of
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care given not only in the safety field, but by the attention given
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the enlargement of the aorta ; and sometimes the one or the other
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no marked change in their comlition up to the 3rd of January ; on the
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world. The blame, therefore, rests upon those who come to these
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mer kind, are walking, running, leaping, swimming, and riding on
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been found. The course of the disease is very definite,
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was put on a wet nurse and has had breast milk ever
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tion of power in the motor nerves below, since nutritive changes in
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by the same collapse as in peritonitis, but there is marked diarrhoea
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buttery consistency of ripe cheese appear, therefore, to be attributable
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1. We have no positive knowledge of the existence of a
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In one specimen of tuberculin the crystals were obtained
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ments (Plate y, Figs. A, B). I>y anterior we mean those that lie in
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voluntarily. I have observed the same in a case, under my own care ;

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