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Eep. Bd. Health Connect. 1884-5, Now Haven, 1886. viii,

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The presence of disease largely modifies the intensity and distribution of

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of morbid phenomena in both. In Graves's disease there is a

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sual ; or softened, which is still less frequent. Ini

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is absolutely transparent, and when it is examined under the

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variable length of time, and then, under the influence of some exciting cause,

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market for mineral impurities, chiefly copper, and ascertain the condi-

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replenishment would probably give very different results from an

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registers which are at all comparable to these in accuracy

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However, it may he noticed, that in the instance of pkrcniHs the tre-

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ation of the right shoulder-joint, with consecutive

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ployed had never exceeded twelve pounds, and during

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some instances very severe, resembling in commencement a case of

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atous enlargement involving one lobe or the entire gland; the uniform

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to diagnosticate than complicated pellagra, because the pellagra, while it is

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agent, but in using it we must not forget older and

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cending aorta the right pulse was greater than the left in three, the

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million in State funds had been requested for FY1978.

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invariably referred to bladder, urethra, labia majora,

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Two years ago she was much alarmed by a fire, which

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aiid salutary arrangement that the de- dard of qualification ought to be re-

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the skin over it was normal in appearance. Temperature was

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chiefly on account of the danger they supposed to lie in handling the

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creasing the circulation in general, and of the heart in

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production in a given case of infection is concerned. To illustrate,

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In this connection it became evident that it would be necessary to

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found in acute febrile diseases after the crisis. When, despite the criti-

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use the expression, radical changes be- it is too late to talk of appointinor a com-

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