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contagious. If we compare the two groups, the characters of which

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that clause to answer the purpose for which it is intended.

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tions to the neurologist's outfit. It is almost indispensable

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poliomyelitis, or acute encephalitis of the nuclei of the

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"The meagre literature upon the subject hobbles upon the

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It was a matter of great importance that the damage

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mon mistake among physicians is the failure to recognize

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Write for Literature. Samples Supplied, Physician Paying- Exp. Chargei.

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ness. He held that in a patient whose vitality was already very

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becomes filled with numerous fusiform bodies, the sporozoites. These

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young man, and, as it appeared, without pain. Upon the

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it when other food is abundant, but may begin the habit at any time

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to sav, there is everv reason to infer that the "inadvertence" was in-

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cance when the country was new, it surely demands our at-

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both tubes and ov aries without rupture of thesac ; recovery.

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firm. It is a combination of oxy-quinolin and metallic silver. It

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ing the two affections, it will be noted, in the first place,

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tinued until the dilatation is overcome; it may be conveniently combined with

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{Med. Times and Gaz., Aug. 21, 1858), | danger whatever in the operation.' It is no

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the tears and other watery fluids with wliich they are brought into contact; for

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and Sandras,f that they have found and recognized in the chyle, the oil of

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states, and we are now able to publish the results obtained from

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of a proper appreciation of their individual views.

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already alluded to, arc unmistakable symptoms of this affection.

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sulation and eventually absorption taking place. If large numbers

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" The case is different in expiration. Of course, the mus-

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x-ray observations retained bismuth for seventy-two hours, it was found

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