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class of cases both kinds of nerves are involved, and then the diagnosis will be
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two currents are established towards the equator, one from the
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able in certain cases because it injures some of the desired constit-
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some idea may be gained by the enumeration of the follow-
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gorgement having been confounded with that state of actual hepatization the
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of the operative field in obstetrical work. While the ne-
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eflBcient drill in reading; the admirable teaching in English
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to lesions in many parts of the body. The location of varices
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thigh. — l.e Btillelin Medical, September 29, 1900.
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perforation when collapse occurs, the other symptoms of
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a rosy tint, and covered by fine scales ; whilst its centre has a faded
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$10,000 from Mrs. Sarah Barktr Gibbs and Miss George Backer
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tion. Cardiovascular derangement may be of such gravity as to be
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of the umbilicus, he would prefer to wait ratlier than interfere.
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we notice frequent use of the adverb between the two
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erous, three being the number most widely advocated for many years. -
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sequent impaction of the stapes in the oval window.
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rise to " cold abscesses," which are surrounded by very soft
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brain and fracture of the slaiU; head injuries constitute the great
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ter into anastomoses with any other of the ^ j^^^^ ^-^^^ ^^ ^ diseased appendix.
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animals, the swine, bear, some of the monkey tribes, and, as many phi-
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perhaps lead, being an indiflerent conductor of electricity,
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.. ,„d. especially during rushes uhen the men are ^^^"-^-'^ ^^^^
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the hands of many of his followers. Some have gained nothing,
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sary to repeat the oil and the laudanum alternately more than
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failed to tan, three were so dark originally that to determine an

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