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quency of the pulse, or an increase of the temperature of the body ; the

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passed and repassed continuously. On the death of a rat the spleen

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quently, associated with dyspeptic disorder ; in short, gastralgia exists

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of long duration, and sometimes followed by contractures. In the case of

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2. " Do you know the meaning of the word ' rhyme ' ? Two

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the genus. Anopheles maculipennis, one of the commonest forms in the

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This principle may not be in our books nor yet in our

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of liberal wages to teachers continues, though those who

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the crying. You have only safety pins and so cannot prick him,

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Hmb. When properly arranged, it was found that the weight of the limb below the

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" Constitution " is a term which conveys to my mind

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The fact that diphtheritic exudation occurs in otlier

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B:^RAUD. Illustrated by one hundred plates, drawn from

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ione at the surface exposed by the saw, he e^lpg^d Jhe "pen-

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can aid in your first encounter with it. I have offered

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these various "cures" account for their failure by say-

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influence of a temperature of 55 C. For the preparation of his inocula-

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under different heads. It is a regard to the external appear-

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years, but what can recollect or know, from actual observation, of one

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saving of life without iin operation. The success of a

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Colston has taken a lively, though a quiet, interest in promot-

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of diazepan over a period of about one hour with no

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death occurring in January has been credited to the preceding year.

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There are many persons today who believe fistula to be incurable, and that if

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cians to decide whether the gynecologist is to be consulted

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sitis, by W. S. Thayer of Baltimore ; Splenic Anemia

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(normally) with the left hand is greater than it is with the right hand,

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in the side, vomiting, severe pain in the head, and great stiffness of

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only one member, belonging to the holotricha, is found in the feces,

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of bead-like outgrowths." Their seat corresponds to the point of maximum

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