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ber, the subject of the Monument to Hahnemann was brought before the
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day morning, June 12, after a long and weary illness. Having
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the foot, or even (though much more rarely) of the hand. Further, he
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for example, to find physicians leaning so heavily upon
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wi-ight (B.) Total displacement of iris, with rupture of
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morUm appearances of remittent tent uaisspond with those of
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In the fall it weighed 810 pounds and was a fine, sleek-looking
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course of the Poor-law administration in this I'liion, not less
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3. — The authors make an interesting report. It concerns
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rejected at the Army and Navy Board were rejected on sub-
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while the carotids are distended and throbbing violently, . the temporal
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always much difference in sensitiveness to the action of com-
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former view ; but that the latter is the true one seems to be estabUshed by
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not yet know how to explain the cause of such a peculiarity, nor its prognostic sig-
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tain the posterior portion the fingers press the lips of
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groin. About six months before he came under observa-
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France. It being necessary to resort to transfusion in a desperate case of
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study of cases under surgical treatment in this city for a
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a permanent reduction of the temperature, is generally more decided. On
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physical condition. There is impaired vision of the right eye,
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Salicylic add, in a solution of 1 : 30-60, is caustic. A milder solu-
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neglect of others, which are rich in the heat generating ele-
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irrigation of the uterine cavity it has no eipial. With it,
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and American hospitals there is an atmosphere of home comfort such as
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operation persisted, but with greater intensity. On ITovember 29,

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