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There may be indications for remedies without reference to any curative
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{Liwrpool Medico-Chirurgical Journal, July, 1899) finds the
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much hemorrhage as to produce a fatal result. It is severe in at least
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with much apparent relish incises the chest with lines like a crucifixional
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was no longer reckoned an incurable malady, and that the medical profes-
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bredie. [I'athologo-auatomical changes in the brain in
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sensitive stage ; and yet many patients, where this acutely
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mous quantity of urine that came away — this far exceeding any thing
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complex partial seizures, or certain encephalitides, EEG
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Medical Association before us (Nov. 18, 1905) we find the advertise-
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tained about 65, and kept moist by steam. These measures are to be
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No instance is known of man being affected with hydrophobia,
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the inflammation is apt to extend to the frontal and maxillary sinuses,
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and May, he gradually improved, and was able to do a moderate amount of
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of needles lodged in tissues near the surface of the
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Mr. Lloyd's paper bids fair to throw some light upon the
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destruction of lung tissue to even hope of permanent cure. I have
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ing to rrofcssor Lcliert. In places where it formerly pre-
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concerned, is, I believe, comparatively free from danger of producing
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characteristic symptoms of general paralysis are elicited either by
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No. 639. The ear could with difficulty be reached by the finger ; the forceps
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is more apt to attack the important structures later. This is an
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bone separated from the shaft, and that was jx'rfcclly s<iuare, about ati
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which usually is located in the epiplryseal ends of bones, primary synovial
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extra-uterine action, and the reversed action. He claims
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the muscular substance goes on dividing, and sometimes disappears
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the chest,. 'the left lower extremity, from the hip to the toe, was
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if any of them are present, that they will explain by what
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usually an indication for immediate extubation. According to "\'ax-
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he died, leaving him, for a part of the time, comparatively comforta-
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•of the ends of the humerus, one occurring in a boy of

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