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lar contraction, or did it come from the aortic orifice,

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in severe cases bullae and vibices may be seen, as in a recent case of my own.

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is not of itself an indication of insanity to be given up to

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LoNOTO'iVN X-'nio.n. — Medical Officer. Candidates must be duly qualified

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good results from the use of metallic silver leaf ; but noticing that it

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or smear preparation, appropriately stained, will show

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Hampstead Hospital appeared as dii)htheria. Though it was nowadays rare,

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rubber sheeting of such size and shape as to fit the part to be kept

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the substitution of iodide of potassium afforded relief, the diagnosis would

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An examination of the facts of the case does not sustain this theory.

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North Africa (Texier and Cochez), the steppes of Russia (Spinola),

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cess or haustral churning at D. This action is somewhat similar

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' July, 1802. « Brit, and For. Medico-Cliirurg. Rev., July, 18G3.

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between the edges of the wound in the vessel and those of the wound

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toward the left clavicle in the course of the »"^ ""ted the followmg pomts : Patient was

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rapid. The respirations are very slow. The patient may breathe

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the nerve below c soon loses its irritability, and will be successful only

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^^Instructions Regarding New-bom Infants. — If the

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other cases the bones are slender and brittle, and in some they contain only

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omy, physiology, to those of pathology and materia medica,

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fling ailments, colds, nasal catarrh, acute tonsillitis, etc.,

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neal body has been rent in two, and that the vagina, large

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Dr. Barclay had expressed surprise that Dr. Johnson con-

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chlorate, naphthol, phosphorus, arseniuretted hydrogen, cartx>n dioxid,

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present; (d) megalocytosis does not occur. The fault does not primarily

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vapor, and other imperfectly known gases. 8. Carbonic acid is

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