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disme au Tonkin. Arch, de m6d. et pharm. mil., Par.,

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patches have grown and coalesced, there are always some areas left

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anatomists (Meynert, Ferrier, and Obersteiner), to whose

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Fig. 5. — Obtained immediately after Figure 4, and with German silver elec-

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to the pharyngeal mucous membrane. I have not employed the

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The symptoms not improving, the doses were repeated on 4

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kwS. Vital action depends upon organic sensibility and contractility,

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Richards (G. A.) Empyema of the frontal sinuses. J.

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characteristic has probably been observed by thousands

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Guy's Hospital one hundred and fifty clerks and dressers are appointed

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the largest species, the Ruffed Lemur [L. variiis), in which tlie

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spasticity. The knee-jerks are much exaggerated, but ankle clonus is not

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relatively very little, and what there is is diffuse. There is no marked

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ternal use of tobacco smoke, both by the mouth and rectum, is very

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condition may be divided into palliative and radical.

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days, and, with the exception of the points of ligature, there

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it, or, in other words, that the bubo is a sympathetic one. The piooeM

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ternal vasti, when, with the other wasted and weak muscles

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Painful paralysis of the facial nerve is thus explained. This painful type only

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rheumatism, and it is remarkable that rheumatism, usually so transient in

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of the abdomen, and tympanites seemed to be due to some internal rup-

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survived some four months, and that recurrent effusion into the right

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dence of very extensive disease; at a short distance

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views and sketches of all the late discoveries in science —

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Phiiadeiphu, November, 19021 Castof Oil in T3rphoid Fever. — Bass

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whilst still void of sensibility to the touch. This excludes all the tumors

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and obstruction to the exit of blood from the kidney. 8. Acting

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Further, his father had died of the disease. He observed four cases of

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opportunity to observe several cases of the one under consid-

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arm, and he recovered. This was the first case of cholera in

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liands of the profession ; still the different success

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True it has a specific infectious organism, but the

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