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gans of the economy, the nervous stimulations, as of volition, of
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red-cell picture in all 3 cases suggested this disease. The uneven-
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three weeks. It may last for a much longer time, however, if scratch-
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He walked to the rear without assistance. On admission the limb was greatly
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quite the minimum period required, before the flagellate will emerge from its
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joints of fingers and "has gone from his toes to his shoulders." The
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1,270 cases, that is, about 8 per cent, of the population were attacked.
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a large diaphragm or an achromatic condenser. The bacillus retains
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indeed so generally admitted, that the actual period has been a
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of this cavilling criticism is the assertion that in his own
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condition lies, in the first instance, in the hands of the general
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secretion of milk, and a desire for food return, a successful ter-
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appetite." Well, is it not better to spoil your appetite, than to
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should be etherized and the pus reached by incision, the
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and in persons of peculiar and defective assimilating power, the exudation
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The various positions to which it applies, will therefore cease to be
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signifying " leg,^^ and " condition " or " disease,^^ indicates
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still have to eat 180 lemons every month— 6 a day— to get a therapeutic dose. And as the
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blood. The stomach was empty, its mucous membrane of a bluish-
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a tuberculous motlier should be artificiall)' fed with ster-
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The love of such individuals is excessive even to ado-
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recognized as one of the greatest benefactors of the human race.
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cigarette, stock selling, and other "sub-standard" advertising, is
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charges " and " explosions " at the very time there
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connected with it. The case must be recognized clinically as being a
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degree in the blood of chlorotic persons, boiled eggs, and other easily digestible
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' cormollote ' in British Guiana ; ' torcel ' in Venezuela ; ' nuche ' in
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veins proceeding from the diseased intestine. The mesenteric glands are
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infecting purposes generally. His arrangement is to fix in the siphon trap
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useless, because the discharge can only be temporarily suppressed what-
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ditions may act as disposing causes of headache, and
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In the hope that I may help others, I hereby make this anatomical gift, if medically acceptable, to take
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vaginales hung uncovered and unattached, except by their cords, which
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the administration of urotropin (15 grains three times

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