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See, also, Eyelids {Surgery of , Metlwds, etc., in).

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volution sets in, but if removed forcibly the exposed base is seen to be of a

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to remind the reader that the discover)^ of the tubercle bacillus

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or more. It is in most cases decidedly polyneutrophilic; in others, on the contrary,

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The latter, called retrograde invagination, according to Leichtenstern never

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few restrictions as regards certain articles of food, her .

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to contend in favor of these powerful agents. Arsenical poi-

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head, in the region over the medulla oblongata, just below the external

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world. The blame, therefore, rests upon those who come to these

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would part with Sedley, so he never would part with the King,"

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nous erysipelas of orbit. Tr. Ophth. Soc. U. Kingdom,

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February 18 venesection was performed and 500 c.c. of blood replaced by

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supposabfe that the disease may be seated in that part of the

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acter altogether different from that in the Examiner. It is a

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vers, 1897. lix, 159. — Vf-nncinan (K.) Tumeurde I'orbite

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arguments of those v/ho are disposed to deny the groat eihcacv of

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time under treatment, when those on the side of the face first affected

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root is preferred in Germany ; the dose is somewhat less.

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placenta and membranes has been a very serious error in

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which is so immense, he did not have time to dwell upon the points at

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as it is unaccompanied by hyperglyce- degenerative elements. This has been

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the last of which included 580 pages. In 1864 the publication of

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similarity between it and hepatic colic ; indeed, it ap-

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what she called cramps manifesting themselves. A digital

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fessor of Materia Medica, Philadelphia College of Pharmacy

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supply a bland healing diluent all in the same draught.

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bation period is from nine to ten days from the date of exposure. Mayr's

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cords, etc., were discussed, but no two speakers were in accord as

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necessary to push the pilocarpine to so great an ex-

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dysmenorrhea, metrorrhagia and menorrhea. The sensation of weight

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