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to the presence of the blood. Intense pain in the spine about the site

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Dreams," "The Practical Study of the Mind," — these are

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former occupying twenty pages, and merely containing concise

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Put paper over the pan, and bake in a slow oven. If you like,

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the skin. I understand that a portion of the skin was removed in the early

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body. Its dimensions when fresh were seven inches long, by four and a half

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are said to have remained unimpaired to the last. — The

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been out of place in the two first chapters. In the

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women were kept sick, and dangerously so, in bed for weeks in consequence

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artwork, or advertisements as you would like them to

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rhage into the orbit. This state of proptosis with ec-

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and an improvement in the condition of the patient at once occurs.

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with almost no thermal or other injury produced in the

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bed and a corset or jacket applied. For this purpose plaster-paris is

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As a result, ordinary gloves are compressed to a fraction of

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of W. F. Mactier, M.D., late Bengal Service, of a son.

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Silver, nitrate of, action and use of, in laryngitis,

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dor and good faith," and as " doing great honor to trans-

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lunar valves. He was again relieved for a short time, but about six weeks

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vention of tuberculosis, including amongst other articles

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the gastric malaise is considerable ; the face is pale ; the sweating is profuse 5

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become victims to the disease, and several deaths have been reported. The

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in renovated and restored health. As regards the subject un-

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this condition has been seen in almost all febrile diseases, in cases of

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bably be undistinguishable from the epithelial cells of the bladder.

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Denver JVetcs, seems to have been an unqualified success.

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hypertrophy as the result of continued physical overstrain in

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are attached to the inhalers, should hold the aerosolized

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a weak solution of carbolic acid or by the use of carbolized vaselin. When

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tuberance, Pierret in a case of myelitis. Debove appears to

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On Modern MetJwds of Treating Fractures. By Ernest W.

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a surgeon undertakes an operation for the relief of epilepsy,

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ago for what he called " fainting spells." A thorough

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