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fibrous tissue about three-sixteenths of an inch thick

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to pass any instrument whatever into the bladder, and

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ber. It is less in the morninsf and in the evening: than at

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Ague is rarely dangerous in this country, except when of long contin-

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of the New York Pathological Society on February 14, 1900, the following

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an observance of the apparent smooth course of the treat-

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bladders,' besides referring to it as ' a circumstance which is diseased and

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1 The Diseases of the Heart and Arterial System, published by D.

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with long-continued drainage was advised, but not ac-

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redness. In this area of hypersemia the course of the blood slackens

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are extremely frequent, and practitioners are liable to think that pelvic

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no disturbance arises one can reasonably expect efficient

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* 'Yartpia {i.e. womb-sicknes8)--Fits of the mother — The vapours.

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all three cases the malakin produced a good effect in from three

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stouter. Its most usual seat is the tibia, but it is also met with in the

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The dura mater was removed with its attachments to the ethmoid bone, and

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layers of the choroid, and between the latter and the sclerotic.

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tion from mechanical causes, it is important in the first place

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appearances healed, when it unexpectedly becomes swollen and

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part of one side of the face, or slight dysarthria, or cerebellar ataxia,

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General aspect that of a fairly healthy man, no perceptible

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Diihring's dermatitis herpetiformis or the hydroa herpetiforme of

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