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recede, an.d so we find in the volume before us a conservative

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mentary external immobilization. When the time comes to

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dard. She was ordered a little wine and water, with small doses of

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which was not almost wholly converted into a flocculent-walled cavity.

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Peculiar conditions occur, however, in which the internal recti functionate normally

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It has fallen to my lot to see a number of cases of appendicitis in

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dilated stomach or not and to determine whether it is one containing a

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out from the blood through the cutaneous exhalents. We are

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can be made to reach and influence the rank and file

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with the operation. This position is to be regarded as an essential

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Experiment Station. Pp. 441; 48 illustrations. Baltimore:

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most part, by the utilization of laboratory procedures. This has

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again one is reminded of the frequent limitation of pya;mia to joints — a

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University, the Cincinnati College, Transylvania University, and the

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Medical Council; Consulting Physician to St. Thomas's

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chanical kind to the return of blood to the heart. The for-

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York law and the defendant here may have had reason

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certain situations on the cranium, is a diagnostic feature in some cases.

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more or less marked in different cases, but is seldom wanting during the

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showing, as I understand it, that the instrument had

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moulding itself to the descending pole of the head, continues the forward

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nervous centres at once, influences its secretion. There appears to be a sin-

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forms of Syphilis. — (Gaz. des Hop. Dublin Journal.)

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area 6,000. Open staff hospitals nearby. In fishing,

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of the State Board of Health, making really three units of health work

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length, would scarcely serve as more than a reminder of the

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at the present time, the leading features of diagnosis and

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or cotton saturated with Turpentine or Tincture of Iodine, or

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little more than one-half the females. Puberty has a far more profound

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Medicine fo unblufliingly plagiTiriied from the Encyclopedi-. Bri-

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