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be out of place here. The view that they differ from those of
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that no fewer than 30,000 '■^ natives died of the disease during an
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plish that which electrical stimulation of the stomach itself
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acter of the symptoms. Those terms serve a useful purpose in this
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been trifling. Wherever anatomical evidence fails, there must be more or
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that they can be conveyed to some organs of the body in
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Mineral degeneration, 209 ; of blood-vessels, 209 ;
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than by the stomach itself, since nutritive substances reaching the intestine effect a
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intolerance of sound and light ; a dull, lethargic condition ; a
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tion may take place quite rapidly at first, but it does not continue at
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tions with every available safeguard against error, we shall ex-
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the breast. If, now, the trouble increases and mastitis be-
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Continuing efforts were made toward the development of an inspection system
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some places to one half, to one third, to one tenth of the former
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impairment of ^dsion of an enduring character ; this I have interpreted as
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the application be made to the chest wall. The circulation
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of a man possessed of fine surgical knowledge and skill.
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am indebted to Dr. M. D wight Jennings, are of the left
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of the arms. They often recur, at short intervals, for a whtle, wIhd>
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that medical aid is necessary — the cross temper of the child
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observed. Of the fifty-nine twenty-four were confluent and six semi-confluent,
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tually removed as may be in his power, he will be in a
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of men, termed the medical profession, who advise and select
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ward, and interference with the free action of the lungs ; also from con-
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to be heart failure. He was only 46 years of age, but had been
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with adjacent tissues. These bands of adhesions latterly
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dung passed is like so much chopped hay and oats, and does not
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mately did get well with an useful and shapely foot.
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5. Upon the Exclusive Employment of Rectal Alimentation.
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venture to express a hope that at some period it may form the

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