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1986 Congress created a committee. The Physician Pay-

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ciallv marked on the posterior wall of the pharynx. Adhesive mucus is

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to be subluxation of the elbow-joint (with bones partially

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to the spine of a flat brick of ice, and a very hot iron,

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by all the symptom-complex recognised as rheumatic fever : such as

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paper, and the reader at once that the au-

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that if the disease depends upon any one of these causes the treatment

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vice, relieves the officials of the work of annual ex-

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2. Hemorrhagic peritonitis, in which the virulence of the infection is

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moved. The thyroid cartilage was found to be completely ossi-

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large, recovery may follow. Among other phenomena are, albuminuria and an

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which usually is located in the epiplryseal ends of bones, primary synovial

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years, 29 cases — 12 females ; between 20 and 30 years, 35 eases — 11

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in connexion with the endothelial or muscular coats of the vessel (fig. 2).

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to supply food directly to the tissues, in fine, to feed

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pattypans with it, fill them with uncooked rice to keep their

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in 1887 Sands opened the abdomen and closed an opening in the ap-

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dose ought to be repeated in an hour, if the vomiting and purging have not

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bles and resolutions offeied as ])ortion of a report

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instance a man recovered after having taken twenty grams of the , u

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high doses of diltiazem were associated with hepatic damage In

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Art. I. Description and Treatment of Cutaneous Dis-

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greatest fall is just after or towards the end of the loss of

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* Read before the American Laryngological Association at Its sevea-

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Fig. 4. — Formation of a New Channel through the G'ar.s.

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septic inflammation. To produce such effects, i.e., to paralyze

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complex of the disease is present, as angina, swelling of the sub-

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I have ever seen, yet she improved with very poor nursing.

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cal Doctors. The court found them guilty of practicing medicine without

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that " the current number of the British and Foreic/n iledico-

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