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of the groin, axillae and neck became enlarged. A full dose of

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more chronic in their nature, and which may be irrecover-

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curred at Utica, even since your advent, bear me out in

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way compensation in a degree for the loss of blood..

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of Churchill and Smith, the saving of the lives of four mothers

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Sir : An opportunity was lately given to me of wit-

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When the patient has recovered consciousness, his diet should for some

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Fig. 1. — Extubation. The heak of the extractor having just grasjR'd the tube finnly.

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case may occur in a family. In some cases of myelitis there are muscular

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to potentially preventable morbidity and mortality from car-

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lids, it will be obvious that this is not the best situation for the

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These symptoms are sometimes so marked as to suggest the existence of

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tively, and the red corpuscles decrease, but the coagulability of the

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generation of renal epithelia, with granular and hyaline casts in the lumen.

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treated at the Chester Hospital, but the muscle failed to become

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Dr. Sullivan — Mr. Chairman, I beg to say a few words on this subject, as I have had a

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gh^en intravenously is insignificant. We have used 3 per cent

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tion take place chiefly within the stomach and small intestine. The greater

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scopic, for both myself and those who assisted in the dissection were too

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That the immunkurper was still present, was proved by the

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quite at case or quite to his advantage except on a day of battle. There^

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part becomes aggregated in small lumps at the bottom of the vessel. It requires

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either for more accurate study or for the purpose of testing their viru-

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dential zoning, there are no other medical offices for

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there was nothing to interfere with locomotion and exertion, except the

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the internal organs of patients who have died of chronic mercurialism.

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present; (d) megalocytosis does not occur. The fault does not primarily

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greatest hope appears to lie In the fact that young mosquitos \

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and later a small portion of the second lobe. A decided improvement in

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