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a disease, to the contagion of which the mother was exposed and yet herself
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The first suggestion was to find an efficient remedy, and
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sentenced, he shall be confined and treated almost every hospital for the insane, are
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It may be allowed to rest as raw material for a time, but it is
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Death from nephritis 1 month later. Cause of death and post-mor-
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fore selected a fourth generation. The case selected
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I invited several physicians to see it. Dr. A. N. Bell examined it with
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trj-ingr the treatment in the most hopeful stage. In
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operation. In enucleating the lobes. Dr. Murphy uses
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Although this treatment has been freely discussed in
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stomach of a mosquito in the tropics, and here and in its thorax
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to the Early Stage of Attack of the Hair and the Pro-
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ings in the blood before and after death could not fail to be more
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the fixed abnormal position which results, offers a serious impediment in preg-
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large percentage of these rays. The light is so intense it is impossible
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to the present outside service an inside one. The Blackwood ; Corresponding Secretary, Dr. Walter Board-
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used uniformly in all the animals inoculated in the different series so
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lera patients, the disease ia not contagions nor infectious. It is, however,
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times, chiefly westward in Europe, while it was eastward in
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cance of certain signs as indications of its presence in one
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similar to the disease under consideration. In sarcoma, the
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afford, I say, a most important subject of meditation for the physician,
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mach, and when the eructations of concentrated acid, bile, and flatus,
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ulcer is additional evidence in favour of the view I have
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may be changed to an angle of 128 degrees, or even of 110 degrees
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or molars, but the perfectly regular shape of the normal teeth
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experiences which fell to his lot, and the constant devotion to duty
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distention of the colon from persistent irregularities of dietary, may
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ferred to by Dr. Reynolds. One was a case of delivery
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him in 1864, and was published in a memoir on inter-
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the cut surface of the posterior section and into it is thrust the
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** There are two kinds of hemorrhagic variola ; one kind — the primary

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