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even when bromism occurs, the gastric symptoms are almost

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sides of the olecranon, and were joined below by a transverse incision at the level

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develoj)ment suggests, as probable, chemico-vital processes or organisms

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is split up into its component parts (according to Paterson).

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In that case, the Sanitary Committee might, perhaps see fit

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theory which suggested the use of opium is true. I found

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Prognosis. — ^This depends wholly upon the cause of the affection. Thrombi

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francs, or £8, by the barrique of 46 gallons at Bordeaux. This is

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those not associated with well-defined organic changes, such as hysteria and

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of the lemon grated, the yolks of the eggs, and a small piece of

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ovary, parovarium, and ligamentum latum show, there-

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human volunteers, the following were noted: a decrease in hei'|||,

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ally becomes flexed upon the chest, the forearm becomes

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as to bad drainaj;<i of houses in the country. ]

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Furthermore, the branch to the oblique muscle gives off the motor root of the ophthalmic

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lesions that admit of such representation. The number before

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been given to any charitable institution at one time, and when

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of the case in his own words, I recently addressed Dr. Atlee a note, requesting

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Atlantic coast from Nova Scotia to Florida; they have no such beaches

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reputation by some marvellous cures. Here was the culmina-

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calves, eleven in all. Tuberculous matter was given to some of

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that on the right side for four weeks. On attempting to remove the tube from ttie

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before the anaesthetic was administered, and was found

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of nervousness developed where it had not existed —

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But after-rest for a part is no less necessary than

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Our advice in this matter, however, is perfectly gratuitous ; and

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(bacteria — ^bacteriology) which cause disease, so if our

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arises from the jugular ganglion or from the trunk of the nerve just

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spleen, or bone marrow is the organ most seriously implicated, but ex-

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Some time after the disease has run its course there may be a considerable lympho-

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and the municipal authorities are in active search for the

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regard to syllable counting and written speech is discussed below.

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