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tact with her, and of the four, Bobby was the most devoted to her, often
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negative diplococci, closely resembling the Lugol's solution to two quarts of warm water
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been improperly termed " scarlet fever " by physicians who knew not the
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biliary colic extending over a period of twenty years. For
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opinion on this subject, I venture to predict, that
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forming an acute angle. He had found a flat trocar with a vulcanite canula the
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organs, is sometimes followed by uterine haemorrhages a few days later,
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Treasurer's Gold Medal in Medicine. His enthusiasm and
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show widespread arterial changes, but a sharp distinction should be drawn,
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known fact not onlv in Connecticut but in this state,
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agrees with Stoerk and myself that the renal tumors have no
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amples of the degeneracy of the homeopathic colleges
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cured one of Crocker's cases; painting on a 10 per cent, solution of per-
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190. Case of Deafness of Twelve Years' Duration ; Perforation of both Membranse
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only two investigators who are opposed to this sequence of histological
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While fright may be the occasion ol the first mauiiest-
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In the lower limb the pains are most commonly referred in a general
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subcutaneously, 500 to 1000 cc. Lumbar puncture will sometimes relieve
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ings involving questions of professional principle or otherwise
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than this : — very frequently, even after a verdict is given by
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rectal surface of the bladder will be pressed upward
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of function, attributed to debility, is, in almost every case, aeon-
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Moor's original article, and then his reply to ray article,
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The tonsils have not at all the deadening influence on
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case of submaxillary cellulitis, even when severe, is Lud-
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absence of disease of the reproductive organs should be a sine
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Fulminant Form. No acute disease, cholera scarcely excepted, may
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together with atrophy of the lower end of the posterior central and
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rival who was said to have not a tithe of his scholarship. He was
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cially desire and ask for information are the following :
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patient dies, in their absence, presumably from dis-
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full-grown it is very clear-cut and refractive. The round forms are per-
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