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that it causes the cheeks to redden or to grow pale, the muscles or

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in small doses, gradually increased, Cimicifuga has been a good

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good technic, it is well to bear in mind the whys and wherefores of

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Council of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario will be held in order to cause

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lieved fiom duty as amending surgeon, New York city,

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Petros. 200 , Cole 200 , Thuja. 1000 , Sulph. 6000 , Merc, sol. 6000 , etc.

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diagnosis, hoXvever, of one form or other of dilatation of the bronchi

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retinal trouble is attributable rather to the renal lesion than to the

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on cortical lesion of one hemisphere the fibres from that hemisphere

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often associated with muco-membranous colitis. The displacements by

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Price $4.00. Published by Wm. Wood & Co., New York

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pp. 849-853.— 12. MacCallum, "W. G. Jour, of Experiment. Med. 1898, vol. iii. No. 1.

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ing-point where we can entirely preclude the possibility of

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neglect of others, which are rich in the heat generating ele-

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the natiu^ and immediate effect will be, hypereemia of the lungs (that is,

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Dr. Cheetham treated a case successfully by opening

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found bacterial, fibrinous, or hyaline thrombi; leukocytes emigrating

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deeply affected the subcutaneous fat had to a large extent disappeared."

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coated with antibody to fragments D and E. Theoretically all

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produce it. Man must be placed by the side of the ape, but

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who are swayed by such arguments as that. The logic of Populism as

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2 P.M. the animals were partially narcotized by a hypodermic injec-

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alterations and complete revision of this latest German edition have,

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dose of a similar preparation give rise to poisonous symptoms

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annual meeting of this Association will be held in Washington,

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from exhaustion and inanition. Eupture of the aneurysmal sac is, however,

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and electrical reactions of degeneration. These forms of ner^'e in\-olve-

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of Disease. This subject is very summarily disposed of by our

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of Physic, and in my notes subjoined to the article

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epidemics probably through the infection reaching the water

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