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tLe one obji^ot of the great majority of medical schools, no serious

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doctrines of the author were growing wider and more definite, and that however

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were both affected, we shall have twenty-four out of forty in

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anxious to seek him, and it was noted that he usually saw

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ska Curie, when investigating the radiations from uranium

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In this group, the nadir may be as low as 60 grams per liter

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throbbing, entirely disappeared. This slide illustrates

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ing the use of the colchicum, and is decidely preferable to the vinous seminal tincture

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women in the early stages of Pott's disease who are totally unaware of

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medical practitioner at least a moderate sum for his services make

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Again, for sore of the bladder, and in case that a olusatnim '

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1 1 . Despite the City of Sioux Falls’ reluctance to install

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vegetables locally; doubtless this accounted for the practical cessation

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difference in functional survival rates for grafts subjected to

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press and bandage, as further on directed, the opening

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highly esteemed, also an ointment of the powdered nut and lard

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of our business. This is a civil offence, not a criminal offence." The

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most satisfactory, though most unexpected. The haematuria ceased, and the patient

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pie, to its use in 'Scarlet fever, especially as a prophy-

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The soft and very impressible state of the brain, and whole

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and sharply contrasted with the surrounding or adjacent renal tissue,

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then drawn off, and 5 parts of varnish mixed with 4 parts of

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latter to total obstruction. An explanation of the liver lesions

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that the ordinary anti-rheumatic treatment fails to re-

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Sugar. — The percentage of sugar in human milk is subject to very

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Marine-Hospital Service.— (9^c»aZ List of Changes of

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enjoying fair health and employed in a Government ofBce.

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