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tained — and became unconscious. Three hours after-

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which I laboured of compressing my work within the narrowest

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Microscopic Examination. — The structure of the villous lymph in this case

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monary artery or of the conus arteriosus, perforation of the septum ventricu-

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along the root of the lungs, on each side of the vertebral column. Calomel,

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for a high dry air, the other for a very damp atmosphere. Let any

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equally exact, but requires a greater expenditure of time. It is

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implicated in causing acute pulmonary edema, again from an

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This product is made from scraps of meat and bone from which the grease has

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to the bad results which sometimes followed the operation frorn

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bladder. The joints, like other serous cavities, become the seat of

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take place in the peritoneal coat uniting the adjacent loops of the

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sion penetrates the substance of the posterior or me-

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jeiunal. While- jejunal ulcer was more commonly met

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pleted two years in Arts, and five years in Medical Studies.

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Difficult as may be the differential diagnosis of abscess in

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liability that may arise from the act I have authorized above.

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symptoms and signs before removal which would enable the

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in pneumonia. 3. In pleurisy the sputa are indicative of catarrh or of

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Stanley of Mundelein, 111., and Mrs. Eugene (Elizabeth

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