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of family hygiene, a question of hospital hygiene, as much or

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tional epilepsy, in which there are no gross lesions. In the

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that we have employed the word in another sense. As a matter of fact,

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was submitted to alcoholic stimulation. The second case, one

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bronchitis. Inflammation of the bronchial mucous membrane may be

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will answer every purpose, although a special container (Fig. 125)

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scribed infiltration, which eventually subsided. In various other cases as re-

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quently recurring exhausted the patient. There were several

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absorbents, and is then rarely to be arrested by such measures.

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medical journal editor. He also thought there should

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much less disagreeable to the patient than tar ointment, soft soap, and

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sutures were passed through the entire thickness of the

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published reports of cases of poisoning by phosphorus, in Avhich

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ununited fracture occurring in tlie long bones of children.

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1389.— Mill aril (H. B.) The dangers of the administra-

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tissues nearest to the tube cast magnifled shadows on the screen

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viction that, in treating the prevailing diarrhoea, we

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on either side with comfort. The appetite has returned, and digestion

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vessels are thickened, and connective proliferation is found in the neuroglia

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pulsate under the influence of the contractions of the muscular

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of potash internally, combined with the local amilication of the tincture

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Matthew John Tierney, M.D. Physician in Ordinary to the

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evacuated. The diaphragm was felt through the opening

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the Medical Society of Virginia and Ladies. (a) Etiolog}', Pathology and Diagnosis

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was especially among these latter that sanguineous effusion was

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profession cannot now be arrested. It is the schools that must

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invading germs is a conceded fact. As instances of this we may men-

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this is, has been already shown when we were considering the

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